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SRRP | Fernando J. Rosenberg. After Human Rights
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Fernando J. Rosenberg. After Human Rights

Fernando J. Rosenberg. After Human Rights

Fernando J. Rosenberg, After Human Rights: Literature, Visual Arts, and Film in Latin America, 1990-2010 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016)

Fernando J. Rosenberg is associate professor in the department of Hispanic studies and comparative literature at Brandeis University. He is the author of The Avant-Garde and Geopolitics in Latin America

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“Exceptionally well-conceived. I expect that this study will be widely read and influential for not only students and scholars of Latin American literature and culture but also for those working in adjacent research areas, including postcolonial studies, visual culture and art history, media studies, human rights, law, philosophy, and globalization studies.”

—Claire F. Fox, University of Iowa

“A compelling work. In this particular moment, in which the role of the arts and literatures is being questioned and reviewed in universities—and when it is becoming more and more obvious that social sciences and human rights advocates are considering more and more literary texts and films and debates about their documentary and evidentiary claims—Rosenberg responds to some of the questions raised, proposing a clear critique of the limitations of the human rights discourse and rhetoric.”

—Ana Forcinito, University of Minnesota

Photo by: University Of Pittsburgh Press