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SRRP | Symbolic Reparations Conference 2017
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Symbolic Reparations Conference 2017

Symbolic Reparations Conference 2017

Dates: Friday March 31 – Sunday April 2, 2017

Location: Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University (Friday & Saturday); Boston University (Sunday)


Symbolic reparations have become a central feature of court-ordered programs of reparations to victims of gross human rights violations. In the pursuit of justice and social healing, human rights courts regularly mandate symbolic reparations – including a variety of memorialization practices— to ensure the preservation of historical memory, the restoration of victims’ dignity, and the non-recurrence of violence. Yet many questions remain regarding effective means of conceptualizing symbolic reparations in order to address both measures of satisfaction for victims and guarantees of non-repetition for society at large.

Presented by the Symbolic Reparations Research Project in partnership with the Cultural Agents Initiative, this conference will address the role of the arts (broadly defined) in symbolic reparations. The arts are uniquely positioned to help us think creatively and imagine new realities, and therefore give us a powerful means to transform and transcend current conditions of social violence.


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